Client “Story” Testimonials

“Working with Joe has been a life changing experience. I trust him enough to share things I don’t share with others, while knowing he will call me on my bull shit in a compassionate way.

I had a goal to spend less and earn more. Not only am I spending less but because Joe helped me see my value, speak my truth and stand up for myself, I now make $30,000 more a year in the same exact position!

Now I take full responsibility and ownership over my health. I enjoy movement regularly and have reconnected with nature. I crave fruits and vegetables after never eating them. This was revolutionary.

I used to hesitate and over analyze. Now I have more courage to examine my life and go after what I want. I’m more passionate, curious, grounded and adventurous. If there is anything in your life that you want but don’t have in wealth, career, health or mindset, Joe will help you reach the next level of success.”

Dave Standish

Senior Technology Consultant

“The first time I hired you I was worried about the money. The price seemed higher than similar professionals I’d worked with. The second time I hired you, even though the scope of work changed and the price more than doubled, I wasn’t concerned. It was a no brainer.

Originally our work together was around food and eating. I wanted to understand my body and be able to manage weight and improve my health. At the time I was doing extreme diets and my health was suffering. It was me vs. my body,

I chose you because I knew you had been where I was. I knew you had lived it yourself and it was clear that you weren’t just another academic expert. Immediately it was clear that for you this was about more than a paycheck. You had a deep concern for my life and for me getting what I want.

I quickly was able to see how this wasn’t about food or my body. You helped me realize that I’m a whole person and the challenges with food and body were also showing up in my business and family.

After 9 months working together I’m in the same size pants without dieting at all. That hasn’t happened before in my entire adult life. I have the time and energy to do the things I want to. I’m less stressed. I’m more present and patient with my wife and kids. My communication with my employees is vastly improved.

I was happy to hire you again, but this time to work on my business and my greater mission. Our work allows me to live my life to the fullest in health, family and business. The reason I chose to move forward is because even though it can be a pain in the ass, I love having someone that will call me on my shit without degrading me or putting me down. I can’t pull the wool over your eyes; you won’t let me get away with it. You telling the truth is always growth oriented.

Now, I’m clear on what to do when I walk into my office that will lead me towards the vision I have for my company. I don’t view my life as putting out fires. Now I can actually slow down and get more done. I’m more focused, effective and efficient.

Working with Joe is not for the faint of heart. It will challenge you to look at life differently and take action. If you are 100% committed to challenge yourself and grow…hire Joe for both your personal and business life.”

Josh Perlmen

Owner at Trophy Mart

“Originally I started working with Joe around food and he helped me to wake up and take profound action for my overall health. Then I had hired him again to help me mentally prepare for a huge physical challenge and realized I need to learn to deeply trust my gut and create some inner authority.

One of the things I have enjoyed most is Joe’s sense of humor in our sessions. Every moment we work together is important, but doesn’t feel serious or heavy. He is AMAZING at building trust. I know I can say whatever I’m really thinking or feeling and while I do feel completely safe, he will always tell me the hard truth, even when I don’t want to hear it.

This empowers me to speak my truth daily. I not only get the benefit of our work together but it increases the power and value of the work I do with other professionals I hire to help me be my best.

With Joe’s help I got a promotion with more responsibility, less stress and was more exciting to me. I took the lead with my new bosses. I told them when I’d start, what my key objectives where and what the plan was for my role…not the other way around.

Because of our work together, I now stand in my bold leadership energy consistently. I know I am an expert, and I feel like I’m in charge at work and in my life.  I would recommend Joe to anyone who is ready to make serious changes with food and health or anyone who is ready to step up in career or business. “

Jeff Coulter

Senior Instructional Design Specialist - GAO Learning Center

“Before we were working together I wasn’t getting what I wanted in personal growth through men’s groups and therapy. I wanted to continue to grow as a man but I felt like I was plateauing and wanted to keep progressing.

I wanted to deal with the things that were challenging me now, rather than wait until a mid-life crisis. I thought about getting married or being a dad in a few years and I decided to consider it an investment in creating a great life for my future family. I knew it was time to stop ignoring the patterns I saw in my life and I wanted to proactively create better skills to communicate and set boundaries. I wanted to feel empowered in my day-to-day experience of life.

At first I was concerned about the cost of your coaching. I’ve found that I love having someone in my life that will mentor me, challenge me, guide me, and can help me deliver consistent progress. I’m always moving forward in life every single time we have a session.

My whole life I would talk about the things I wanted to do and usually not get them done. Now when I say I want to do something, it gets done at least 90% of the time.

Now I am more of the man I want to be. I get up early and get shit done consistently before work. I’m not negotiating with myself; I commit to a goal and take action. Now I exercise daily, step right into difficult conversations, and I’m disciplined. I am a pro-active participant in my life; I’m intentional about what I do. I’ve sharpened my clarity on priorities and no longer procrastinate.

Work with Joe if you want to be in integrity with yourself, create new habits that will empower you and improve your relationships. If you care about your growth and you have ever felt “stuck”, hire Joe. “

Damian Popkin

Community Sports Director

“I hired you because I wanted to grow my confidence and create a better relationship with food. I knew that I wanted to make lasting changes and I knew that you had personally gone through a transformation and you get it. Our first conversation seriously blew my mind.

I had some initial doubts. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to change and there was some fear in the idea of taking a much deeper look at myself. Every session was fun, I learned a lot about myself and I knew that you were never judging me. It was exciting to see what connections you would make that would never have occurred to me. I felt that every single session I was moving forward.

After a short period of time working together I learned to slow down and drop anxiety. I began to hang out with higher quality and more confident people. I learned to eat in a completely different way where I only eat the highest quality foods and actually enjoy it.

Our work together empowered me to be human and make mistakes. I allow myself to be vulnerable.  I’m more confident and spend less time stressing out in my head. It grounded me. I used to think I had to wait until I had the perfect body to date again. Now I know that isn’t true. Perfectionism is almost gone and this shift has allowed me to finally pursue a dream of being a Pilates instructor.  I had been putting off this dream for 10 years.

It’s clear that Joe does this work because he loves it and wants you to succeed. It comes at a premium price…and it’s seems that for Joe it’s not just about the money. I would recommend Joe to help you with almost any problem if you are willing to take a hard look at yourself and receive some tough love. Food, dating, career, confidence, stress, anxiety all come to mind.”


Executive Assistant SF Bay Area

Professional Praise

“For more than a decade, I’ve spent a lot of time with people who call themselves coaches. Very few of them are truly able to help people — much less help people to transform their lives. Joe Bernstein is one of those rare, natural coaches. He was born to do this work. Everything about his life has prepared him to help others make powerful, lasting changes in their relationships, career, and personal lives. Joe has the ability to be incredibly supportive while also bringing the tough love when needed. He doesn’t tolerate bullshit. He doesn’t get caught up in hype. He believes in the value of doing deep work and letting the best version of ourselves — our health, mindset, sex, money, and life experiences — unfold naturally as a result.” Tripp Lanier

Men’s Coach and Host of The New Man Podcast

“As a consumer of personal development work, I’m always looking for folks who walk the talk. Joe is one of those rare men that does. The guy’s got a pulse on everything, and delivers truth in a way that is both boldly direct and approachable. His passion for change and transformation is contagious, and he will not not let his clients “slip by” or “settle”. I trust his skills unconditionally and would recommend him to anyone truly ready to create or heal at a high level.” Craig Revord

Transformational Performance Coach, MA LPC

Joe is a coach I trust to help his clients get the results they came for — and more than they even knew they wanted. His power lies in his ability to see deeper truths with a loving heart and a no bullshit attitude. I trust him implicitly, both because of the journey he has taken himself and because of the unwavering support I’ve received from him. Joe walks his talk and never gives up. This inspires others to keep on when they don’t know if they can, achieving what had previously seemed impossible!” 

Shana James

Love and Leadership Coach

What More Clients are Saying

“Throughout my life, I’d been a heavy smoker and drinker. I’d try more times than I can remember to quit, cut back, and get healthy – failing over and over and over. I believed I just didn’t have it in me to change. I’m so grateful to Joe for helping me see I have the power to go after what I want – to be that healthy man I want to be. Today, I don’t smoke…I run Ragnar Races. I don’t think I can’t … I bike Century Rides. I’m a guy with confidence who says, “A triathalon, yeah, I can do that.” And I will. Thank you Joe.” Michael Cervino

VP of Partnerships at

“During the four months I worked with Joe, I created tremendous value for my entire life. The obvious outcome is my weight loss of 25 pounds. The unseen value I created is much deeper and perhaps even more dramatic. During the coaching process, we addressed many issues that effect my health. During those conversations, Joe created the space for me to gain insights and have “aha” moments. His commitment to me as a whole person came through clearly resulting in a sincere trust in him. He is inspirational and enthusiastic in his coaching, and I have a tremendous amount of gratitude for what I was able to create for my life though my connection with him.

My life has improved because of working with Joe as my coach. I give Joe my 100% recommendation, and that isn’t something I give lightly.”


Artistic Entrepreneur


Meeting you this year has been probably the best experiences so far. Aside, from doing my best to show up at work I found myself struggling to figure out a way to have a game plan to improve myself. After coming across your profile on LinkedIn I had to reach out because I saw a man who went through something similar to me but the only difference was…he found a way! After our session I was truly inspired to make a difference in my own life because I’ve met an individual who not only understood but was ready to become a coach and mentor to help me figure out a way as well! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have believed in my vision the way I do today!


Syed Bukhari

Luxury Retail GM and Owner of Shah Industries

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